I’m very happy to see my poem „Anatomy of Warmth“ translated into Urdu (Arabic) language by Salma Jalini. Thank you Naseer Ahmed Nasir! 🙂


Mitko Gogov born 1983, Skopje, Macedonia is conceptual/ multimedia artist with few expos, performances and art installations behind, showed in France, Norway, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia.. two documentary movies and two experimental showed/ projected on film festivals around. He is a published poet and short stories writer whose work is translated into English (USA, Philippine), Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, Indian [telugu] and Bulgarian. He works with young people from everywhere, push for social inclusion and volunteering. ..as youth trainer provides different creativity workshops as: forum theater, multimedia, stick art, street art, graffiti, use of organic and recycled materials in contemporary art, handmade ..and social aspects as PEER & non-formal education, EVS, youth participation etc..

(Thanks to Tasteer by Naseer Ahmed Nasir )

گرمئی حیات کی حقیقت

چونکہ کوڈ سب گڈمڈ ہو گئے ہیں

اور حقیقی سوچ کی جگہ

ظاہری نام و نمود نے لے لی ہے

چونکہ ہم

کبھی نہ…

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