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Poems by Mitko Gogov

The Forgotten Retort between Two Gazes

And so we role-play clockmaker and time

Both with hammers aimed at mutiny’s head

And a clock is a bigger bastard than both man and everlasting sun

As we forget burnt words and human dust

Ugly tongues and nasty minds

They drag the lent of the soul

The inner voice doesn’t (ever) go out,

Like angels’ dander or hell’s gasoline it just booms

Skip the small lightning bolts

Twist the lowest mountains

The force of forever would, like a mother to her son,


And barely ever


In the rood of our heads

Like snails

We hide our true home

Not realizing that the slime of our soul

Leaves traces of disquiet in our sleep

We keep the stars in our hands,

Why is it when we throw them

They strike like heavenly boulders?

Stones have learned to resound

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