2BE1 like SUN

Action & Diversity

Few weeks ago I had opportunity to have new experience working on a project with three American students. Target group were kids and youth from the Turkish neighborhood from my city. The idea was to create space on the street where I can make activities and workshops with which I can bring together all the participants. The street like space was ideal to create Sun big as the street and prevail so everyone who want to participate to be part of the sun. Everyone who wanted to sing, play some instrument, draw or paint or play some social games was welcomed in the Sun. In the program of this happening there were performance, music concert, photography exhibition, projecting a documentary movie and painting on canvas.
Everything start with mapping the place were the Sun was, and in the middle of that space we made another Sun that actually was creative workshop for painting the canvases. There every kid that wanted to draw was having opportunity to express his idea. Some of them create dance on the music that the kids were playing.
On the next day we repeat the same happening in the center of the city were all the people could see what we were working with these kids. The documentary movie was accepted very well and a lot of people visited the photo exhibition. I will share in some future post the documentary that we made from this project.

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