I am a youth worker & art student. I Work with youths in my country and push for social inclusion. I volunteer through a variety of different creative workshops such as: forum theater, stick art, graffiti, as well as handmade and social group games. I am a conceptual and multimedia artist and have exhibited and participated in several artistic projects. I write short stories and poetry and am an active graffiti painter with more than 50 graffiti by my hand. Currently participating on street art festivals, and word as a DJ with the name Dzamski, specializing in l psychedelic trance, dark forest, experimental sounds, and ambient sound.

I usually write haiku, and not very often only when I am on Twitter . I have friends there who twit haiku quite often. Some people make online Tanka. I have know about tanka few years and for me is very interesting that some people, including me, promote those old styles of writing poetry on twitter.

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