#100TPC – Something more than just [poetry] conference

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Well, 10 days since I returned from the first world conference organized by the global movement 100 Thousand Poets for Change and as the days are passing by more and more memories of beautiful moments from there are crossing trough my mind.


Italy. It is always good to visit Italy. Although I have been several times, and the reason has always been art and Italy as one of the oldest civilizations in Europe shows that it can constantly be Medina of culture, and in this case a great country hosting the first world conference of the global movement “100 Thousand Poets for a change.” This case was special, not just because it is summer and not only because in summer the sea is beautiful. This time the cause of this trip was to be a special participation in the conference which certainly change my life. You may ask yourself how? In many ways, of course.


First of all because the conference was an event that was organized for the very first time and I had the opportunity to meet many of the organizers around the world who create their own movement, its own events in their own countries and cities, which are part of the mission and the main purpose, aim of this unification and world poetry networking. This space would be small to share with you all the impressions of the trip, but it is important to emphasize that this movement and the people that are involved in it have demonstrated continuity of the mission and demonstrated his enduring goal: awakening of civilization for all separate problems coming from certain parts of the Earth. It is a wonderful feeling to meet poets, writers, artists and activists from many parts of the planet, the range is colorful, great respect for the representatives from Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, India, Egypt, Australia, many parts of America, Europe, Africa and Asia but also a great sadness to learn about those who could not be present, could not attend because of their visa problems – a topic that was one of the most important of the conference, ie the right for free movement for all the people in the world.


Being part of an event where you totally recognized your function and somehow you show your place in the society circle is “in small hand” (at least) creative and inspiring, but as well motivating, because I had the opportunity to speak about the problems that are facing our country and being heard from many who empathized and have the power of thought to stepping forward and face their environment with problems that are not (in) away from them. Talks with like-minded people are always welcome, and this time I had the opportunity to hear the problems of the others, at the same time to help in solving them with my opinion, similar experience or knowledge.

Roundtables, debates, screenings, performances, poetry readings, learning about the environment, visits to major (historical) places, tours, the whole plethora of activities have made this conference important for each participant and representative of their local activities related to the main mission of this movement.


It is unique ability and desire to enter the core of the most important problems we are facing, that hurt us, to reach deeper to the basics of problem solving, to locate the essential tools and techniques that can solve some scars that we make as civilization, yes, to touch the heart of another, to recognize a friend, to store the new, valuable friendship and to seed hope that this is just the beginning. That’s what this movement has provided and for which we all care.

So much love, so much understanding, coexistence, mutual laughter, joy, singing, dancing, glee, celebrating poetry and word – so much beauty in one place. Salerno – warm piece on Earth with excellent hosts and organizers, with outstanding people and friends.

I wish this lasts longer, or to be able to bear more books at home, to be able to hear much more of the poetry that was read. I’d love to have more time to dedicate to everyone individually, to spend more time with everyone so I could meet with everyone personally, but for sure we create a bridge of friendship, we plant joy and we grow love.


The voice of the poet may be suppressed by the roar of the crowd, but there is also the unique opportunity to be a force that will flood the crowd with truth. The truth that comes with the lyrics will never be in crisis, poetry always finds the right readers, while using the reflection of the poet’s life we grab the opportunity to recognize the whole big picture, the one that anyone can see as mirror of the (inner) world. “Prose expresses what (how) it is; and poetry what (how) should it be.” The poet perhaps have no force to solve the problems that plague the world, but for sure can write the road-map to address them!

Till the next time friends, it was a great pleasure to be part of this conference! ❤

III International Communication Conference

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Glocal: Inside Social Media


Technology has reached a point where almost everyone has a voice. The voice articulated through social media, has already proven to be extremely powerful and able to change the behaviour of individuals, governments, companies and communities.  This are part of the welcome words on LinkedIn Events that Glocal share with all researchers and industry practitioners interested in creating and analyzing social media for a continuous discussion.

Glocalisation (or glocalisation) is a portmanteau of globalization and localization. By definition, the term “glocal” refers to the individual, group, division, unit, organisation, and community which is willing and is able to “think globally and act locally.” The term has been used to show the human capacity to bridge scales (from local to global) and to help overcome meso-scale, bounded, “little-box” thinking. This is the meaning that is explained in  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Today,  October 15, 2009 @ New York University, Skopje Macedonia start the III International Communication Conference called Glocal:  Inside Social Media. There will be three days program and the main topic of this year conference is “How the social networks impact on the different levels of social leaving”.

The program of this year is fulfilled with around thirty  (30) presentation and speakers such as Kevin Robins, Nada Švob-Đokić, Niels Hendrix, Oliver T. Hellriegel, Ivaylo Ditchev, and Paul Bradshaw.

After the official oppening Prof. Dr. Kevin Robins, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK will speak for the topic “Things I Stumbled Upon”. There will be sessions like Relationships between Social Media and Mainstream Media, Learning Practices and Ethnographic Studies of Social Media, Transforming Cultural Industries, Network Cultures, Changing Trends in Journalism: Social Media Impact, Social Media in Working Environment and Growing Business on Top of Social Media and Shapeshifting identities.

Except this in the program there are presentations on subjects that are important for the social networking that everyone of us try to build. Presentations for changes in the Media Landscape and the Resulting Influences on Society and Consumer Behavior, NGO and Social Media in Reaching Hidden Population, Sharing Intellectual Property: Books on the Internet as opposed to Books in Hardcopy, How Modern Technology Shapeshifts our Identities are only part of that what will be shared like information and knowledge with the people who will took part of this conference. There are 30 presenters who will present their way of understanding social mediums and the influence that we get from the networks that we are part of.  The program of this year conference will cover subjects from the new mediums, business, communication, marketing, culture etc.

The official language is English and all who want to participate there is no entrance fee. The program will start at 08:00 this morning (Thursday) and will finish in Saturday, 17 October. More for the main speakers you can find here, or if you want to download the program – here.

There will be live streaming also 🙂 [link]

Useful links:

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