peaceful day, # PeaceOneDay!

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(the post is written two days ago, firstly on my other blog on Macedonian)

In time, everyone should watch The Day After Peace

Nick Fraser, Commissioning Editor, Factuals, BBC

Good day. I hope you’re well, peaceful .. to Be in peace, topic for which I’ll pounce few words so I can continue keeping myself peacefully. I have written before about this topic, for this this day, mostly I’m talking about. It would be boring to start rows with the rules should that should be follow in order to live in harmony with people, animals, nature ..

Today, when is global day of peace we can find everywhere links to articles and posts made by people who share their own experiences on how to live with peace and understanding. How to nurture human relationships, to carry about friends, neighbors, loved ones. How to learn to tolerate, to accept different cultures and so on. (Not to turn into some basic text for human ethics)

The idea of the organisation called  Peace one Day aims to raise the awareness and its campaign to create one day of Global World Peace on 21 September 2010. For now, ‘International day of Peace’ is on 23 place on Google search [not any more :D], and it shows that this day is not so little information for the people around the world.
The organization or association of citizens, whatever, like you want, Peace One Day organize various activities for this day. Collect donations, blog about, inform. We want everyone to raise awareness of how important the peace like whole for the people is, for everyone, no concessions. Until tonight google ratings will certainly be better if we see that just a few hour ago it was on 38 place.

Peace one Day was created by filmmaker, Jeremy Gilley who has a mission to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date; and so 21 September was born. Fantastically, the 192 member states of the United Nations share Jeremy’s vision and unanimously adopted 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. The 21 September is about creating peace between nations and importantly about non-violence in our homes, communities and schools, making this day relevant to us all.

From this organization, that of the founder, @ JeremyGilley million ideas coming how this day could be develop in future. From day to pass week, then in month, in life where as aware people we try to keep the peace where it is and to try to change the situation in the war zones, civilizations, nations, traditions. ..

In collaboration with Puma, he inspires people to organize football tournaments, very simple celebration of this day. People from all over are running today, rejoice, animate their dearest.
To be so peaceful, so you could all play football, “said Jeremy in one of the many magazines where he was speaking this days.

I said I supported this event, as it should, as it’s right. I play football with some of the kids at the school where I work. Not much, but enough to laugh and go in the cars of their parents happy. I think this is enough, from physical aspect this is very, very. I mean football! 🙂

It would be so GOoD if is so peaceful everywhere, I’m sending positive thoughts in the places in this seed of planet where the kids don’t sleep, their mothers cry and their fathers, one by one they are gone ..

Let every day be Peace day!

PeaceOneDay on twitter
PeaceOneDay on facebook

last news from their page is: @PeaceOneDay have been awarded a Peace Prize! [link]

I use to write before for the World Peace also, I support in the last year the International Day of Peace or 21 September. I don’t know why this organization is making new date for the same aim but from other side is good that there will be two days in which the main stream mediums will speak about Global Peace.

III International Communication Conference

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Glocal: Inside Social Media


Technology has reached a point where almost everyone has a voice. The voice articulated through social media, has already proven to be extremely powerful and able to change the behaviour of individuals, governments, companies and communities.  This are part of the welcome words on LinkedIn Events that Glocal share with all researchers and industry practitioners interested in creating and analyzing social media for a continuous discussion.

Glocalisation (or glocalisation) is a portmanteau of globalization and localization. By definition, the term “glocal” refers to the individual, group, division, unit, organisation, and community which is willing and is able to “think globally and act locally.” The term has been used to show the human capacity to bridge scales (from local to global) and to help overcome meso-scale, bounded, “little-box” thinking. This is the meaning that is explained in  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Today,  October 15, 2009 @ New York University, Skopje Macedonia start the III International Communication Conference called Glocal:  Inside Social Media. There will be three days program and the main topic of this year conference is “How the social networks impact on the different levels of social leaving”.

The program of this year is fulfilled with around thirty  (30) presentation and speakers such as Kevin Robins, Nada Švob-Đokić, Niels Hendrix, Oliver T. Hellriegel, Ivaylo Ditchev, and Paul Bradshaw.

After the official oppening Prof. Dr. Kevin Robins, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK will speak for the topic “Things I Stumbled Upon”. There will be sessions like Relationships between Social Media and Mainstream Media, Learning Practices and Ethnographic Studies of Social Media, Transforming Cultural Industries, Network Cultures, Changing Trends in Journalism: Social Media Impact, Social Media in Working Environment and Growing Business on Top of Social Media and Shapeshifting identities.

Except this in the program there are presentations on subjects that are important for the social networking that everyone of us try to build. Presentations for changes in the Media Landscape and the Resulting Influences on Society and Consumer Behavior, NGO and Social Media in Reaching Hidden Population, Sharing Intellectual Property: Books on the Internet as opposed to Books in Hardcopy, How Modern Technology Shapeshifts our Identities are only part of that what will be shared like information and knowledge with the people who will took part of this conference. There are 30 presenters who will present their way of understanding social mediums and the influence that we get from the networks that we are part of.  The program of this year conference will cover subjects from the new mediums, business, communication, marketing, culture etc.

The official language is English and all who want to participate there is no entrance fee. The program will start at 08:00 this morning (Thursday) and will finish in Saturday, 17 October. More for the main speakers you can find here, or if you want to download the program – here.

There will be live streaming also 🙂 [link]

Useful links:

Glocal: Inside Social Media

Glogal conference: 2007 & 2008

about Glocal 2.0 @ cybersoc[dot]com

@ KULporter

facebook event


Flash Mob “INt(h)egrati.ON”

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As a part of the Balkan Youth Festival program and the program of the short-term EVS volunteers, a flash mob performance took place in front of hotel “Sandanski”, in which the volunteers discussed few important topics with the local people. The topics were presented as frozen pictures on topics that are attractive among the active society. The language barriers were crashed when everyone in a circle was communicating in their own languages. A melodic line of non-understandable language that could be understood only when you see the visualization of their faces and gesticulations. It helped in crashing the quiet atmosphere and in creating collective energy for expressions. Based on preliminary planned conception, some photographic compositions of moments of discrimination, diversity, awakening of Eco-consciousness and presenting the process of recycling of plastic bottles took place. Art-exchange, meeting new friends, communication through pictures and gesticulations.

Opening the doors of democracy, accepting youth with different statements and visions, creating universal society, in which all different attitudes in the process of getting free from the prejudices and stereotypes are integrated.

The steps of recycling are shown in few pictures which present the whole process. Dialogue for collaboration for the future, getting new ideas as a mechanism for the life of the youngsters.

As a whole the performance went well, the local citizens were interested in the topics and the way of acceptance and analysis of very attractive topics. In about forty minutes with a lot of action, laughter and smiles. I am very satisfied of the whole realization.

flash mob performance


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Во периодот додека во посета на младинскиот центар Акција и Различност каде што работам како проект координатор беа три Американски студентки кои требаше да работат на десет дневен проект со роми ( кои на крај излегоа дека се турци ), бевме во посета на едната куќа домаќин (host family) на едната од девојќите- Alex. Додека една од девојќите беше сместена кај мене, другата кај една фамилија од мојот град, Алекс требаше да биде сместена кај некоја од ромско – турските фамилии кои всушност и беа целна група за овој проект.
Еден ден после официјалното завршување на работните обврски кои ги имаа девојќите ( работа во групи со деца од турска националност), Алекс ни кажа дека имаме покана да ја посетиме нејзината фамилија и да пиеме кафе. На ова сите одговоривме потврдно и заедно со децата од групата тргнавме кон нивното маало. Прошетката беше забавна затоа што сите оние делови од градот кои досега ми беа познати, дури и премногу сега за прв пат ги гледав како непознати и со одговорите што ги давав на американките повторно ми се отвараа, и на моменти се чувствував исто како странците што беа во нашата група. Освен американките во посета на мојот дом беше и еден мој пријател Бас (Бастијан), кој го запознав додека бев на еден младински фестивал во Република Бугарија, а дојде од Холандија и ме посети како дел од неговата предвидена турнеја низ југоисточна Европа. Сите заедно како една весела група полека стигнувавме кон местото каде што требаше да го испиеме нашето попладневно кафе. По пат не застануваа и не прашавуваа од каде сте, што правите овде, каде одите, сите деца и млади од Турска националност кои живеат во делот од градот каде одевме. Моментите ги искористивме за да ги запознаеме нивните манири, начинот на живеење, како и односот што го воспоставуваат со нас. Кога сакавме да направиме фотографии од нивното место и од нив тие како професионални модели позираа и беа најсреќни на свет дека некој им посветува внимание. Поради тоа што децата со кои работевме во центарот беа навистина познати во нивното маало колку повеќе се наближувавме кон куќата каде што беше Алекс толку повеќе бројот на деца што не придружуваат се зголемуваше. На крајот на нашата прошетка стигнавме до куќата на Алекс каде бабата која беше домаќин не пречека со раширени раце, не покани да влеземе и ни даде на знаење дека е премногу среќна што има шанса да ги запознае сите што во моментот се околу Алекс затоа што ја прифатила како вистинска ќерка каква што нема, а има тројца синови кои живеат во Германија. Куќата гром, најпрво помислив дека или живеат повеќе од дваесет луѓе таму т.е. цела фамилија или пак е станбена зграда. На крај излезе дека во куќата живее само бабата, а ја изградил нејзиниот сопруг во периодот додека живееле уште во Германија. Но откако тој починал и нејзините деца уште живеат во Германија, таа сама живее во таа огромна и целосно средена куќа. Стануваше збор за една навистина добра жена, домаќинка која сите работи поврзани со неа и нејзината фамилија ги држеше под контрола. Сите седнавме во дворот на нејзината куќа и нејзините внуци не послужија со секакви слатки, сок и се разбира турско кафе. Турското кафе и навистина беше такво, мало и многу јако, баш како што го пијат турците додека ние го правиме не толку јако и пиеме по повеќе. После пријатната попладневна прошетка и гостито кај бабата Јаша ако не се лажам (или можеби јаша на турски знаши баба), ја оставивме Алекс во пријатната атмосфера на нејзина фамилија домаќин да завршат со вечерата, а јас со моите гости Бас, Изабел- мојата home sister (девојката што спиеше кај мене) и Ленче колешката која беше одговорна за овој проект отидовме кај мене затоа што беше време за вечера за сите. Така се заврши пријатната прошетка која траеше и траеше ако не повеќе – цел ден.

.Ако сакате да видете повеќе фотографии од прошетката од тој ден посетете:

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