:time for sk8.in.G. .. stop d War!

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Skateboarding means liberty!

The Americans have cultured and support the Talibans in fight against the Soviet Union.

The Taliban are an American product.

So the Americans are fighting for “freedom” against their former supported group. The victims are the children and the Afghanistan people.

The American republicans are not liberators, they are warlords, who pretend to fight for democracy.

SUPPORT Skateistan, become a member!

Power the kids and to the People!


:Kabul. .. do u know that place, u know to show it on d map? – me not!


SKATEISTAN: To live and skate in Kabul



Well, now I know but before I see this doc I didn’t have any idea. What is all about. We know what is attractive for d film festivals around? Stories from this kind, ok maybe not this script but d environment, d way of living, tradition, culture. What is d spot that connect Us with this society. What does it mean urban living there?
First I saw d picture and I stop for a moment, why, how, where, is it fake one? Thousands of questions in my mind, then one opportunity, press d link!

“In a country with innumerable problems, Skateistan represents an oasis where children can be children and build the kinds of cross-cultural relationships that Afghanistan needs for future stability. Programmer’s Note: Former professional snowboarder Orlando von Einsiedel found that the Skateistan project combined two worlds he felt very passionate about: extreme sports and social work. The Skateistan project—started by two Australian aid workers who began giving skating as well as educational lessons to more than 350 kids in Kabul, Afghanistan—equips young men and women with the skills to lead their communities toward social change and development and piqued von Einsiedel’s interest enough to make him want to capture it with a camera. Flying directly from Frankfurt to Kabul, von Einsiedel and crew sought to create a more optimistic image of Afghanistan. What resulted is a beautifully composed film that turns a spotlight on neither the battles nor the victims in this war-torn country, but rather on the hopeful spirit and culture of change that the youth of Kabul are yearning to put into action. We’re thrilled to welcome von Einsiedel’s film to this year’s Festival and urge you to check out skateistan.org on your next Internet stop.”

[from that-movies(dot)com]


:I have experience in watching documentary movies since I am part of d team of d International Film Festival [AsterFest], and stories with background as this are not stressful at all for me. But from other side this story here is just reflection of d life out there at some place pretty different from d picture that we are used to see on d screen.
Ruined villages,cities, asphalt full of holes, dead animals on the streets. This is only a small part of d everyday life of this young people in this place. Stinks, unemployed pips, street vendors, big poverty, gaps in education, system error, WAR. They have too many problems and few desires.

The film talks about a group of youngsters who have the same desire. the West Urbanity associate u to? – Skaters. the skate as a tool for making peace, as soon as they shooting stops all young skaters are out there matching d square and showing that this time d war is over. .. for a couple of hours.
Youth with a great desire to learn drivin’ this boards, to do tricks, make downhill or use d new ramps . .. like those on d television. The film documents a project that supports the educational process, training, their first attempts.

I have seen a lot of movies with d same topic, our region is pretty knows in d World as war place too. We had wars in Yugoslavia, after that few more. .. and if u attend film festivals for #docs in d Balkans u’ll be able to watch hundreds of sad stories for d life her. murders, destroyed families, lost partners, kids etc. I like d positive side of this documentary. .. it’s really time to stop this Wars and give those kids chance to live. Life is important for every human being, let they dream awaken!


peaceful day, # PeaceOneDay!

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(the post is written two days ago, firstly on my other blog on Macedonian)

In time, everyone should watch The Day After Peace

Nick Fraser, Commissioning Editor, Factuals, BBC

Good day. I hope you’re well, peaceful .. to Be in peace, topic for which I’ll pounce few words so I can continue keeping myself peacefully. I have written before about this topic, for this this day, mostly I’m talking about. It would be boring to start rows with the rules should that should be follow in order to live in harmony with people, animals, nature ..

Today, when is global day of peace we can find everywhere links to articles and posts made by people who share their own experiences on how to live with peace and understanding. How to nurture human relationships, to carry about friends, neighbors, loved ones. How to learn to tolerate, to accept different cultures and so on. (Not to turn into some basic text for human ethics)

The idea of the organisation called  Peace one Day aims to raise the awareness and its campaign to create one day of Global World Peace on 21 September 2010. For now, ‘International day of Peace’ is on 23 place on Google search [not any more :D], and it shows that this day is not so little information for the people around the world.
The organization or association of citizens, whatever, like you want, Peace One Day organize various activities for this day. Collect donations, blog about, inform. We want everyone to raise awareness of how important the peace like whole for the people is, for everyone, no concessions. Until tonight google ratings will certainly be better if we see that just a few hour ago it was on 38 place.

Peace one Day was created by filmmaker, Jeremy Gilley who has a mission to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date; and so 21 September was born. Fantastically, the 192 member states of the United Nations share Jeremy’s vision and unanimously adopted 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. The 21 September is about creating peace between nations and importantly about non-violence in our homes, communities and schools, making this day relevant to us all.

From this organization, that of the founder, @ JeremyGilley million ideas coming how this day could be develop in future. From day to pass week, then in month, in life where as aware people we try to keep the peace where it is and to try to change the situation in the war zones, civilizations, nations, traditions. ..

In collaboration with Puma, he inspires people to organize football tournaments, very simple celebration of this day. People from all over are running today, rejoice, animate their dearest.
To be so peaceful, so you could all play football, “said Jeremy in one of the many magazines where he was speaking this days.

I said I supported this event, as it should, as it’s right. I play football with some of the kids at the school where I work. Not much, but enough to laugh and go in the cars of their parents happy. I think this is enough, from physical aspect this is very, very. I mean football! 🙂

It would be so GOoD if is so peaceful everywhere, I’m sending positive thoughts in the places in this seed of planet where the kids don’t sleep, their mothers cry and their fathers, one by one they are gone ..

Let every day be Peace day!

PeaceOneDay on twitter
PeaceOneDay on facebook

last news from their page is: @PeaceOneDay have been awarded a Peace Prize! [link]

I use to write before for the World Peace also, I support in the last year the International Day of Peace or 21 September. I don’t know why this organization is making new date for the same aim but from other side is good that there will be two days in which the main stream mediums will speak about Global Peace.

What about Con.Tempo.rary arT?

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In the wireless connection I found colors on the top of the TV. The youth in the box were speaking about art. Modern or contemporary?
If you still can’t find the difference between these two periods in the creative era don’t worry because the line between those is not very good defined, except that the artist in the contemporary period can use the telephone, video, TV, and all the modern technology we have now. In the modern period the artists still didn’t have some of those materials/ products.
If we are looking for the right definition about the word Contemporary we know that it means “art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes”. In other words, contemporary to us.
It is a period that started in the 60’s and the beginning of the 70’s. As we saw that after the postmodern there where still new things coming and the designers and artists show totally new ways of expressing themselves.
The difference in this last period of the evolution of art is that you can write on the paper and it is not necessary something to be written at all. It is also not necessary to be explained to the audience what does that mean. It’s all about the human eye and how it accepts these works of art. Usually nowadays we can find groups of artists gathered in community, creating conceptual stuff which are difficult to be explained and are observed only from small circles of people who are into art. Over the past 40 years we saw what kind of shapes and forms this period can create to evolve into today’s level where the reception of art is crystallized till moment of refinement.
Every different period brings new waves in different fields of the normal day living. We live in      time when we wait for new application and upgrade of the old one everyday, when good commercial, advertisings and designs take our attention. We want to enter in objects that bring us new way of thinking and combine the elements and the knowledge from the classical ages till now. Exactly that is living in contemporary environment.
There are new lines in the forms of the architecture that starts building in the last 30 – 40 years, different relation with the theatre, painted art, photography, literature, movie and all other brunches of the art as a whole.

New forms were born like art installations, multi media, visual art etc. There are different issues with which the artist or the groups connect with, such as feminism, multiculturalism, globalization, bio-engineering and AIDS and cancer awareness. Most of the time, contemporary art is closely related to the modern, postmodern and avant-garde period of art. In today’s art, materials which are used in the creation of an art-work are collection of information that the materials carry by themselves and their combination is aimed to convey a specific thought / paragraph for a particular condition.

Ones of the best presenters of this period who border with the postmodern are Marina Abramovich (performance artist), Banksy (graffiti artist), Yoko Ono (musician, artist), Laurie Anderson (performance artist), Slaven Tolj (performance, installation artist), Richard Wilson (sculptor), Philip Pocock (internet and installation artist), Kenneth Noland  (painter), Charles Bukowski (writer, poet), Takashi Murakami (sculptor and painter), Santiago Calatrava (architect)  and so much more situated in a lot of different categories like feminist art, neo-conceptualism, neo-expressionism, multiculturalism, graffiti movement, neo-pop, futurism, minimalism and so on.
Contemporary art is art in action. As a whole, it is very difficult to analyze it, mostly because of all those groups and subgroups in which artists define their expression. Groups create art that is engaged, which is protest or support of a political process, a revolt against a global problem, poverty, discrimination, gender inequality, environmental problems etc..

Nowadays, art is taking part of everything. When you buy products you choose those who have better form and design, on TV and internet we more often stay on some programs and pages that bring something unique and not seen before. The things that we can see in the galleries are based on deeper concept that is the main point on which we should put attention.
Contemporary artists are here to bring progressive ways of understanding the life like sustainable and innovative living with use of organic and recycled materials. When mother Earth is more respected, all her resources can be used in more creative way.
Everything what we do in present time can be seen as a contemporary way of living and the works that we produce can be seen as contemporary art. 🙂
On this exchange we are going to talk about contemporary art and we will share our knowledge about art during this modern age of living. We are also going to discuss about the materials which are used by the present artists in order to create their works and what kind of message they bring.
There will be workshops where we will express our ideas via all those different ways.


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Има еден документарен филм со истиот наслов. Како тренер за форум театар на еден семинар за хив/сида во Струга, имав можност да направам една игра во која учесниците ја испуштаа истата позитивна енергија, како во овој документарец. Идејата беше да се направи игра со која децата ќе се опуштат и меѓесебно ќе се запознаат. Најпрво требаше да движат брзо и да направат конфузија, после тоа требаше да одат во slow emotion (бавно), па требаше да скокаат, да викат, да одат на една нога. И сето тоа и уште многу други начини, за на моменти да седнуваат, да легнуваат по стомак, па по грб, за да имат време малку да здивнат и повторно да скокнат, да викнат ЕЈ и повторно да продолжат да се движат конфузно. Додека течеше играта, во умот ми помина сликата од докуметарниот филм и се се мислев како да ја внесам оваа сцена во практиката на ова што течеше во моментот. Им реков да седнат, на што не се мислеа многу, ни пак на тоа каде ќе седнат или до кого. Веќе беа подолго време испотени и среќни со насмевки на лицата, и кога им реков да седнат беа уште позадоволни. Ја играв и јас играта со нив. Седнаа, се издишаа, беа во блажена испотена состојба. Околу нас имаше многу енергија, горевме од топлина како да е средина на лето, а беше почеток на ноември. Ја чекаа наредната акција од мене. Реков: кренете ги рацете горе!
Веќе на сите им беа рацете горе. Ја добив сцената од филмот, само уште ми требаше звучна комуникација. Мелодијата е таа што уште толку ги спојува луѓето. Им реков да употребуваат согласки, ама тивко. Ја имав и мелодијата. Беше магично. Им благодарам на сите што учествуваа во оваа групна активност.


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Во периодот додека во посета на младинскиот центар Акција и Различност каде што работам како проект координатор беа три Американски студентки кои требаше да работат на десет дневен проект со роми ( кои на крај излегоа дека се турци ), бевме во посета на едната куќа домаќин (host family) на едната од девојќите- Alex. Додека една од девојќите беше сместена кај мене, другата кај една фамилија од мојот град, Алекс требаше да биде сместена кај некоја од ромско – турските фамилии кои всушност и беа целна група за овој проект.
Еден ден после официјалното завршување на работните обврски кои ги имаа девојќите ( работа во групи со деца од турска националност), Алекс ни кажа дека имаме покана да ја посетиме нејзината фамилија и да пиеме кафе. На ова сите одговоривме потврдно и заедно со децата од групата тргнавме кон нивното маало. Прошетката беше забавна затоа што сите оние делови од градот кои досега ми беа познати, дури и премногу сега за прв пат ги гледав како непознати и со одговорите што ги давав на американките повторно ми се отвараа, и на моменти се чувствував исто како странците што беа во нашата група. Освен американките во посета на мојот дом беше и еден мој пријател Бас (Бастијан), кој го запознав додека бев на еден младински фестивал во Република Бугарија, а дојде од Холандија и ме посети како дел од неговата предвидена турнеја низ југоисточна Европа. Сите заедно како една весела група полека стигнувавме кон местото каде што требаше да го испиеме нашето попладневно кафе. По пат не застануваа и не прашавуваа од каде сте, што правите овде, каде одите, сите деца и млади од Турска националност кои живеат во делот од градот каде одевме. Моментите ги искористивме за да ги запознаеме нивните манири, начинот на живеење, како и односот што го воспоставуваат со нас. Кога сакавме да направиме фотографии од нивното место и од нив тие како професионални модели позираа и беа најсреќни на свет дека некој им посветува внимание. Поради тоа што децата со кои работевме во центарот беа навистина познати во нивното маало колку повеќе се наближувавме кон куќата каде што беше Алекс толку повеќе бројот на деца што не придружуваат се зголемуваше. На крајот на нашата прошетка стигнавме до куќата на Алекс каде бабата која беше домаќин не пречека со раширени раце, не покани да влеземе и ни даде на знаење дека е премногу среќна што има шанса да ги запознае сите што во моментот се околу Алекс затоа што ја прифатила како вистинска ќерка каква што нема, а има тројца синови кои живеат во Германија. Куќата гром, најпрво помислив дека или живеат повеќе од дваесет луѓе таму т.е. цела фамилија или пак е станбена зграда. На крај излезе дека во куќата живее само бабата, а ја изградил нејзиниот сопруг во периодот додека живееле уште во Германија. Но откако тој починал и нејзините деца уште живеат во Германија, таа сама живее во таа огромна и целосно средена куќа. Стануваше збор за една навистина добра жена, домаќинка која сите работи поврзани со неа и нејзината фамилија ги држеше под контрола. Сите седнавме во дворот на нејзината куќа и нејзините внуци не послужија со секакви слатки, сок и се разбира турско кафе. Турското кафе и навистина беше такво, мало и многу јако, баш како што го пијат турците додека ние го правиме не толку јако и пиеме по повеќе. После пријатната попладневна прошетка и гостито кај бабата Јаша ако не се лажам (или можеби јаша на турски знаши баба), ја оставивме Алекс во пријатната атмосфера на нејзина фамилија домаќин да завршат со вечерата, а јас со моите гости Бас, Изабел- мојата home sister (девојката што спиеше кај мене) и Ленче колешката која беше одговорна за овој проект отидовме кај мене затоа што беше време за вечера за сите. Така се заврши пријатната прошетка која траеше и траеше ако не повеќе – цел ден.

.Ако сакате да видете повеќе фотографии од прошетката од тој ден посетете:

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