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for “Cash and Marry”
documentary movie by Atanas Georgiev

cash&marryOne of the movies which are part of the DokuFest program in the Balkan Docs category is “Cash and Marry”,  which I recently saw and was pleasantly surprised. This movie, by Atanas Georgiev, is a Balkan story about people who try to make their way to Europe. It’s a story about Balkan men with student visas who try to gain an Austrian passport by “buying” a wife once they reach “Europe.” It is about the risk they take by giving 7,000 Euro (or more) in order to get in a marriage with citizens from the European Union as a solution to their current problems.

The issues raised in this controversial movie are serious ones. How does it feel to be a second-category citizen, and what does it entitled to establish your own identity within the European labyrinths? The movie portrays the sincere moments and the humor which comes together with reality and truth in such situations. Should society generate such layers of itself and should anyone be a victim of such a future?

The movie “Cash and Marry” is a production of Macedonia, Austria, Croationa, and the U.S.A., and the project was prepared for 10 years in advance. The music is done by Foltin (Фолтин), which is a popular band for the theater and film music scene in Macedonia, and on the Balkans and Europe. The music in “Cash and Marry” has a unique Balkan-European sound which makes the movie appealing to watch.

The attractiveness of this issue is considerable. There are people from Austria who have seen the movie and had no idea of this problem in their own country. This movie is relevant because there are such cases of buying marriages and women in all of the European countries, and it represents the way in which Balkan people see themselves. The technical aspects, facilitated by the movie’s crew, are excellent. The mere fact that this movie has already been to a number of big festivals and has a lot of awards is enough to make us happy that this movie is in the DokuFest program. I recommend it to everyone who finds such a topic interesting. And such it really is.

Saturday, Aug. 8, 20:30, Kino Bahce

Mite Gogov, guest from Macedonia and member of Doku Press

translated by Donika Pemova

Dokufest 8

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opening night at Dokufest

This year, the opening ceremony announced a spectacular issue of the festival. It began with the biographical story of famous African musician Youssou N’Dour and the movie “Youssou N’Dour – I Bring What I Love.” This is a story full of love, the hope for change in our current global reality, a kind of utopia, which is accessible to anybody. I believe this is also the purpose of DokuFest – to generate positive art and experience.

This year, the program is full of movies that leave you breathless and which are similar to each other in being screened at festivals with a high reputation. I would not pick favorites because the whole line-up of movies from all categories is filled with titles which are well-known in the documentary film scene. We can see spectacular movies in the International Docs and International Shorts categories, which are, in my opinion, the categories that represent more alternative filmmaking. Through these categories, we can see communication and messages which make the so-called Seventh Art transform moving images and sound in stories that can make us discover new ideas.

In Balkan Docs, there are new movies from the everyday life and reality that all of us in this region live in. The titles which show up on this year’s DokuFest program for Balkan Docs are some of the best ones. Among these titles, we see the best recent productions coming from Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised by an additional category in the program, called Green Docs. This category makes the festival unique in raising the awareness of the guests and visitors in relation to ecological problems which our planet Earth is facing. Movies about the environment can change the world. Like youth worker for me Dokukids is also idea that give us the chance to see trough the eyes of the kids who share their ideas without limit in the expression.

I am happy that this year I had the chance to come to the festival again, and in this way to notice the development it undergoes. The progress, compared to last year, is evident in the wider range of films on the program in all categories, as well as in the number of visiting guests who share their work and art in film. Having open-air cinemas is a great concept, which functions well for this festival. The access to cinema is easier for all the people who live in Prizren, love movies, but during the year don’t have the opportunity to watch them in a cinema. Together with a stroll around town, anybody can watch a film at an accessible price, which is even symbolic. Communication between directors and audience is easy and open because both groups of people are at the same place. Now that the festival is nearing its end, there is one movie which I recommend and which will close Dokufest, namely “Waltz with Bashir.” It is a pleasure that I was invited to the festival this year as well, and I wish DokuFest all the best next year as well.

Mite Gogov, guest from Macedonia and member of Doku Press
photo by Albulen Ajgeri
translated by Donika Pemova

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