:orienтal conтemporary #performance in Louvre

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:I don’t know why but I find this dance very special, metamorphose between d old traditional singing, rhythm and d dynamic of d contemporary dance, clothes, act. .. communication via body language. the symbioses flies in d space with d voices, with d composition so oriental but  transferred/ presented so modern. Flashes, pictures that illustrated specific times, and audience that absorbs all of this like travelers on train station.

the light give a bit theatrical, chamber vibe to this whole performance, and d dynamic between d scenes, also as d whole scenario were amazing. Perfect combination of music, silence, whispers, singing, physical theater, opera etc..

is this d east trying to send positive signal from d center of d culture in Europe, Paris? – for me, in this message there was so much love, deep understanding & dialog that was typical exotic as d eastern culture itself. Playful, enjoyable, positive, hope u’ll enjoy it as I do!



I like one of d comments under d video:

Fabulous!! It brings back rea;ameoried of my many years In Iran researching their fasdcinating ceremonies and dances of mystic, tribal, courtly and urban origin.

Wonderul artists with depth of expression and technique and a great contrast with the two exceptional singer/dancers.

:graffiti day in d garden

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.Amazing day today. I must write here about d wonderful autumn inspiration that I had. from nothing I went out in d garden and while sitting and enjoying my coffee I figure out that I have some sprays cans left on d floor in my house.

.not willing to destroy d beauty of already destroyed wall I decide to make some small yellow lines and put few white spots.


my friend visit me and she was so kind that she made this photos of me. after that during d coffee we were laughing on d little planets that I create on d wall. smell of autumn fresh fires in d atmosphere and stories from d cans that get dry on d canvas of this material life.


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I already share this work on tumblr because that is usually the place where I share more often art stuff from different artists and different forms..almost all the time contemporary and modern, I decide to upload this work here too.

It’s actually working concept that comes after inner result on working on topic as solidarity. Combination from 2 photos by Ramses The Lonelyworrior from France and the editing process made by me. In the beginning there was other idea connected with this pics but during the brain storm it develop in something else, which result you see now.

the conversation that we made with Ramses on fb for the result of the photo finish from Ramses works and my editing process was very deep and pure.


The photos were made on the Youth Exchange in Arry and Metz, France called ‘Voice of Art’ & organized by the Association Togeteher. More about the project, the art pieces, the exhibition you can find on my other blog connect with my stay here in France.

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