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.dear friends, tonight I want to open a discussion on at least two (or three) points that provoked me in a status that Richard (poet from Ghana) post on his facebook profile. mainly I want to open topic:

“this is d time to release a bestseller. this is d moment to write like never before.”

– for me this is a broad topic, especially when it binds to amazon.com or is connected with book sales and popularity by being purchased instead of what for me is basic, starting point, a foundation or core of why I write. it would go like this: is it better to be read by (some)one to whom I’ll do a complete change of his life or to be purchased by billions or millions, and not to be read from any of them?


:poetry for me has always been something intimate, moment of confrontation with myself, with my own powers of expression of oneness, but also try to subconsciously release d message to d others: where are u, what u do, is it nice to go/ be there as is for u, do u think/ need to snow to d others out there and do u need them to be in the same place/ emotion/ vision/ state as u are now and are u able/ skillful to do that correctly? of course, writing is much more than that, especially at d moment when I’m recognize in the Balkans as a writer/ poet that express himself trough “socially engaged” poetry and speaks by its own verses for all those problems that surround us, and possible solutions to them … as such I do not think that we need to be popular or to expect to write to be a bestseller authors, but to write about that what is burning like lava in us, what in our head as the storm that is passing by, we need to write about d thing that like rainbow in us is making birth of something unseen – some state of existence that we haven’t recognize until now. and on d end (we should not think about): this should be sold (it must be sold – it’s bestseller PEOPLE, don’t u recognize it?!), at amazon.com or no matter where other will be shown?!?

:poetry has always been meditation, personal reflection or message for loved – why you should we sell (why should we put that thing in first place), does it worth, do we want to be worthwhile, why should we value our place in d “top list” more then d important of our current state while we perform or create?


and that third party, which also attaches me is the one related to God, then God must help us if we are good, God (must) is always with us, it is upon us and sees and helps us in everything we do, even if we enroll in notebook unnecessary feelings and we think that we write a bestseller? do we need God to be d “best writers ever” – even that I like d story with Allen Ginsberg and his devoting to d eastern religions… (that is totally other topic)

so let’s start, what do u think?! ^_^

btw. this is d status update by mu friend:

Amazon.com didn’t give me the talent to write. God did. If Amazon is going to pay authors, basically those who enroll their books in kindle unlimited and borrows based on a reader’s length of read, that can’t ruin my talent. I read a couple of posts from some authors giving up on writing, because of this. Excuse me for a minute. Amazon didn’t create you. Inasmuch as Amazon has been so helpful to millions of authors on the global spectrum, it’s time to adjust your tactics. Don’t allow this to impede your passion. This is the time to release a bestseller. This is the moment to write like never before. As for me I’m writing my next bestseller.

in my way, d story will go on like this:

are u sure my friend?

are u sure my friend?

.if there is good poetry/ writing God will not help u, ur words are powers that attract human mind/ soul and that’s how they become interesting/ popular for d people around u/ world.. trust urself, trust ur skills in writing, trust ur emotions, trust ur pictures and mental/ mind/ verbal structures that u create with ur words/ thoughts/ talent – then God -maybe- (“if he recognize ur will/ commitment and hard work”) he will help a bit in all that “storm”, then still my friend, we are all strong enough to push d things around with our spirit, d only inner & outdoor source that is helping us even that we are not aware of it powerful score!

ooo God forgive me that I was devilish with u, but our church nowadays is telling us that yoga is evil work – c’mon my friends 21 century is more then all those old books – we can believe them in a way/ moment/ situations but still – we are d creators, and if we want this world changed (in good way) we are d one that should work on that – not God, not amazon or whateva`.


GO(o)D -_-

.and we need to remember, whenever we’re among ur own, they will always stroke our shoulder and tell us that we’re d best, it’s like that: “u’re right my friend / brother”, but we should not be led solely by them, not only by their passions / views, but because, pls – we need to look around, there’re signals all around us too that may prove really what d real story is actually, although at that point we might ignore it!

– and on d end: do we really need to be popular in this disgusting world or should we changed it first?! PEACE OUT!

.drivin’ d new [for me] :fb #timeline_

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I definitely want to write few words for d new [for me] timeline on facebook. I just update my profile and pretty much like d concept & d look. Interesting design indeed, I get confused for some elements, like double message button [success, One from now] etc..



d first status update that I wrote goes like this:


“:actually, I like d fb #timeline_ [first status]. ..even that it looks d same [maybe needs that ‘edit post’ ]: when u want to correct something” 🙂 

So, I have two parts of my post till now and two things that fb still need to fix. There are many more if we look closer into this platform, but we’ll speak about that some other time. I actually start writing this post cause I wanted to mention that I haven’t wrote till now any post about facebook [or maybe one, two in this 10 years experience in blogging] that this platform is dealing very good till now. Nothing can be perfect, very rare excellent but this fb team is doin their development right as it should. The process of evolving, and adapting every time on different public needs can be difficult. Kudos for their work, for d implementation of their strategy, and just small call for correction in some special aspects as: communication with d global virtual community, understanding their need more, listening what they can offer et c’set tout!



:It’s a way to new experience; I have always say that the people don’t need to ignore d way to develop some new technical skills and speak loudly about d negative aspects but as well for d good one. Great that they made it “public” and now everyone can use it 😉


:RedWriteWeb today writes smt ..
[I didn't know this I just check whats new on d topic] :)


Facebook’s new Timeline is rolling out to the public, offering users the chance to upgrade to “a new kind of profile.” The new profile was revealed at Facebook’s f8 developer conference on September 22. The rollout began in New Zealand on December 6, and it’s now spreading worldwide.


:do u use #timeline, what do u think about? Do you know smt about d better use of this change, about this or something else:::You can leave ur comments below, subscribe on facebook  or on :d white b[l]og ::: #facebook page

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