.time for organical folk & Paris

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:I haven’t think about posting or writing about music on my blog but always their is first time and d music I choose for first blog post come into my stream few weeks ago and since then I probably listen it once per day. so let’s brake d glass..

I first time listen this amazing band, actually MUSICIAN when I saw that link and for me this music is somehow unique. .. and reminds me a bit of Paris. those quiet walks with some noise in some moments, similar like this orchestra sounds that fulfill me in this moment.

Summary: “A renowned director writes orchestral folk? Certainly worth checking out, if for the title track and accompanying video alone.
Yoann Lemoine (born 1983) is a French music video director and film director. His most notable works includes Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, Taylor Swift’s single Back to December and Mystery Jets ‘Dreaming of Another World’.

Lemoine has gone on to create music, and is an alternative indie artist, going by the stage name Woodkid. On March 28th, 2011, Woodkid released his first EP for his single, Iron. The song was featured in a trailer for Ubisoft’s game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

source: en.wikipedia.org
.orchestral folk, indie, fusing. .. traditional crazy. he is very cool/ awesome artist, even that he is on my age he already collaborate with artists as Moby, Kate Perry, Mistery Jets etc..

I will not write a lot about, it’s first time to mention music here. .. check d page even that there’s nothing more then this video that I am posting here, u can read few good reviews about @ coolthanks.comPitchfork . I decide to put both of d videos that I dig, one is their video for d song ‘Iron’ and d other is their concert in Paris, very beautiful, powerful recording. organic, full soul music I definitely enjoy, hope u too..

:if u click d picture u’ll see d concert, it’s not very long, 20 minutes or something. I was thinkings that d code is ok but still smthing don’t want to share it here. probably some problem with d wordpress plugins, not important! the concert is breathtaking!

+ one from soundcloud, remix if u like them as I do!;)


peaceful day, # PeaceOneDay!

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(the post is written two days ago, firstly on my other blog on Macedonian)

In time, everyone should watch The Day After Peace

Nick Fraser, Commissioning Editor, Factuals, BBC

Good day. I hope you’re well, peaceful .. to Be in peace, topic for which I’ll pounce few words so I can continue keeping myself peacefully. I have written before about this topic, for this this day, mostly I’m talking about. It would be boring to start rows with the rules should that should be follow in order to live in harmony with people, animals, nature ..

Today, when is global day of peace we can find everywhere links to articles and posts made by people who share their own experiences on how to live with peace and understanding. How to nurture human relationships, to carry about friends, neighbors, loved ones. How to learn to tolerate, to accept different cultures and so on. (Not to turn into some basic text for human ethics)

The idea of the organisation called  Peace one Day aims to raise the awareness and its campaign to create one day of Global World Peace on 21 September 2010. For now, ‘International day of Peace’ is on 23 place on Google search [not any more :D], and it shows that this day is not so little information for the people around the world.
The organization or association of citizens, whatever, like you want, Peace One Day organize various activities for this day. Collect donations, blog about, inform. We want everyone to raise awareness of how important the peace like whole for the people is, for everyone, no concessions. Until tonight google ratings will certainly be better if we see that just a few hour ago it was on 38 place.

Peace one Day was created by filmmaker, Jeremy Gilley who has a mission to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date; and so 21 September was born. Fantastically, the 192 member states of the United Nations share Jeremy’s vision and unanimously adopted 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. The 21 September is about creating peace between nations and importantly about non-violence in our homes, communities and schools, making this day relevant to us all.

From this organization, that of the founder, @ JeremyGilley million ideas coming how this day could be develop in future. From day to pass week, then in month, in life where as aware people we try to keep the peace where it is and to try to change the situation in the war zones, civilizations, nations, traditions. ..

In collaboration with Puma, he inspires people to organize football tournaments, very simple celebration of this day. People from all over are running today, rejoice, animate their dearest.
To be so peaceful, so you could all play football, “said Jeremy in one of the many magazines where he was speaking this days.

I said I supported this event, as it should, as it’s right. I play football with some of the kids at the school where I work. Not much, but enough to laugh and go in the cars of their parents happy. I think this is enough, from physical aspect this is very, very. I mean football! 🙂

It would be so GOoD if is so peaceful everywhere, I’m sending positive thoughts in the places in this seed of planet where the kids don’t sleep, their mothers cry and their fathers, one by one they are gone ..

Let every day be Peace day!

PeaceOneDay on twitter
PeaceOneDay on facebook

last news from their page is: @PeaceOneDay have been awarded a Peace Prize! [link]

I use to write before for the World Peace also, I support in the last year the International Day of Peace or 21 September. I don’t know why this organization is making new date for the same aim but from other side is good that there will be two days in which the main stream mediums will speak about Global Peace.

Hello wor(L)d!

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morning winter Sun

morning winter Sun

We usually say in our country, broke your leg, for beginning of something NEW, as this word Press blog. Hope that part of my information and interest will be interesting for someone who will accidentally find this page.
Hope that this is enough for first quickPress, that is not the biggest information, but is information for me coming on these space.

Будно Битисување

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Како прво, ова место континуирано ќе го користам како архива за работите и нештата кои се поврзани директнo или индиректно со мене.
Ќе се обидам да се следам во се она што мене ме исполнува, и на моменти ми дава насоки по кои треба да се држам.
толку за почеток…
можеби и ќе го избришам ова после некое време
поздрав за сите што ќе ме следат!

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