:I like that this list has suggestions for all sides – organizers, readers, and listeners. Doug Anderson made a great job with this short but important way how to put all d things in proper line. what do u think? 🙂


  • .how to have a #poetry reading:

1) find a venue that is quiet enough so that the words can be heard. turn off all electronics.
2) order the poet’s books months in advance so that they will arrive on time.
3) consult the poet about publicity materials, bio, etc., because much of what is online is out of date.
4) pay the poet if possible, and if not, treat him/her with the utmost respect by doing the above.

  • .how to be a poet at a poetry reading:

1) show up on time.
2) show up sober
3) don’t be an asshole (e.g.; bitch about who’s going to read first).
4) don’t say nasty things about the poet reading with you.

  • .how to attend a poetry reading:

1) it is about listening. so listen.
2) don’t bring children who are too young to enjoy the reading and who will make noise.
3) turn off your cell phone
4) don’t talk during the reading; the poet is not a television set.
5) buy the damn books!