Few nights ago I try to play #haiku game on twitter and for me that was challenge and good way to practice words game and contribute in the global energy with my thoughts and emotions.

It was usual night as every other night when I’m sitting home and share some information and little haiku on twitter. Then after few hours doing my things I had the pleasure to be invited to play #renga with  my friends on twitter @urbancrafter @Adamfyre @CDominiqueG @LiuTiemo,  and as you know I’m @Potru on twitter.

First if you don’t know what is renga It’s great opportunity for you to read this for first time and for me to promote this old style of writing poetry on my blog.

Renga is a form of linked poetry which evolved from tanka, the oldest Japanese poetry form. The word is both singular and plural as in our English “sheep” and “deer” so you don’t have to learn two foreign words.

In renga’s eight hundred year history it has gone through many fashions and changes of goals and ideals. When it first began the trick was to turn the reader’s thinking to admire a pun or jest as a three-line verse (of 17 syllables) was continued with a two-line verse of 7 and 7 syllables. If you have the feeling this is related to haiku, you are absolutely correct. The beginning three lines of a renga become haiku when they were snipped off (500 years after it began) by Basho (whom you know already).

As you read some of the renga the important thing to watch is what happens BETWEEN the links. Think of each stanza as a springboard from which you are going to jump. As your mind leaps (and you think you know where the poem is going) you should be forced to make a somersault in order to land upright in the next link. It is the twist your mind makes between links that makes renga interesting.

Some leaps are close (as in the beginning and end of the poem) so the subject is moved only slightly ahead. In the middle of the poem renga whizzes can pirouette until your head spins — and that is just what is desired.

Take your partner by the hand. Start tapping your feet. Bow. And away you go. Well, renga is not really dancing in the barn or ballroom concept, but it does witness to the dance of minds. Therefore you should take it seriously as you remember it is game with words.

by Anzai

The idea of our game was to write one by one and to use one or more words from the last renga that is created, and do that in circle five (5) times. I will put here only my renga’s because they can live by themselves and you can check the other ones on twitter under the hash tag #renga123.


In the dream

I’m dreaming your dream.

Your dream,


is better than my dream,

or this is your dream.



You make photography,

the Moon is your best model

-she shows her beauty.


In the summertime the Moon acting

only for you my dear photographer.



Are you splitting the life?

Deal the roots from the tree ,

heaven and eternity.


I choose to fly with the fairies

sing and dance on their melody.



We live in same time,

difference is our space and karma.

Collective Mind and memories.


The metamorphosis is like childish game

only plastic toys like airplanes in the sky.


Then we finish the game I had the time to write one more, but the one that @LiuTiemo wrote was just perfect for finish. Here is only the #haiku part from the last renga.

~wake up now, my love / from dreams of isolation / I wake inside you~

The underlined words in my renga’s are the words that I used from the renga’s before.  All renga’s from this “match” you can find on @urbancrafter web page.  I hope that I was good enough to play with them  in near future because they are master in renga and this was my first time. I  cross fingers for opportunity to play again.