aWAKEnWhen I close my eyes, my breath takes over and shows me the way. The frenzy of thought fade away as my breath moves inward through my body. I can feel my new breath moving air through the empty spaces, filling it all with life. It’s the life I desire, I can recognize it’s feeling from my dreams. Wait a minute, I’m not sleeping, and I am feeling it right now. In this present moment, I am my dream. Can I really make my dreams come true? I am right now. So what’s my next step? what do I do? It can’t be this effortless. But it is right now. I wish I could hold onto this feeling forever. I wish life could be as effortless as breathing. In this moment, it is that effortless. If it’s this effortless now, why can’t it always be? I can’t think of any good reason why it can’t. I’m going to try this for a while because it feels real good right now, and I don’t want this feeling to go away. Here comes the next breath, aaaahhhhh I’m still here….

*  *  *

We are the Dance, and the Universe is the space between the musical notes, the energy that fills all voids with impressionable substance. When a thought or emotion is entangled with this substance, it creates form or reality as we know it. Always be aware of your own creation, and be grateful for having the power to create.

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